Fasting/Cleansing/Prayer equals Great Health Benefits


Fasting— is the avoidance of solid food and the intake of liquids.  The most stringent form of fasting is taking only water.
Other forms of fasting include  the use of  fresh juices made from fruits and vegetables as well as herbal teas. All of these
fasts generate varying degrees of detoxification—that is, elimination of toxins from the body. Individual experiences with
fasting depend on the condition of the body (also mind and attitude). Detoxification might be intense and temporarily
increase sickness or might be immediately helpful and uplifting.  For the inexperienced faster, it is best to go slowly and
to avoid being excessive or impatient so that we learn about ourselves in the process. To do this, we need to make a
plan and put it into effect, observing or “listening” to our body and even keeping notes in a journal.  Then, once we
have fasted successfully, we can continue to do one-day fasts weekly or a three-day fast every month if we need
them (or more). Most of this material is taken from Dr. Elson M. Haas, M.D.  Please read his books and check out his website.

an essential part of healthy fasting. Some form of bowel stimulation is recommended. Certain fiber drinks  can help stimulate bowel movement.  Colon cleansing can be done at the beginning, midpoint, and the end of a fast.
Enemas can be used at least every other day if these are the primary colon cleansing. With these, usually water alone
is used to flush the colon of toxins. It may be helpful for an enema or laxative preparation to be used the day before the
fast begins to lessen initial toxicity. Herbal laxatives are commonly taken orally during fasting, and many formulas are
available, as capsules or for making teas. The saltwater flush, a solution of 2 teaspoons of sea salt dissolved in a quart
of warm purified water (not distilled) and is drunk first thing in the morning on alternate days throughout the fast to flush  the entire intestinal tract, an advantage of this cleansing formula. It does not, however, work well for everyone. For example,  it is not recommended for salt-sensitive or water-retaining people, or for hypertensives. Whatever colon cleansing method free fasting.
Most of this material is taken from Dr. Elson M. Haas, M.D.  Please read his books and check out his website.

Prayer is the act of attempting to communicate, commonly with a sequence of words, with God or spirit for the purpose of  worshiping, requesting guidance, requesting assistance, confessing sins or to express one’s thoughts and emotions. The  words of the prayer may take the form of a hymn, incantation or a spontaneous utterance in the praying person’s words.   Secularly, the term can also be used as an alternative to “hope”.
The Triad of Health is Physical, Chemical, and Emotional.  Our Goal of Fasting is to remove interference from this Triad.
Most of our life is full of an over abundance of this triad.  We work to much, we have to much stress, we eat to much, we d
rink to much, we take in to many preservatives, we take to many prescriptions, we buy to much, we take in to much sugar,  we worry to much, and we do to much.  A Fast is a time to slow down our lives and remove interference.  Praying during this time can help us to reconnect to God, our Spirit, Ourselves (Innate), and those around us.
Our goal is to work our way to a full water fast, if your health condition can withstand it.  Please consult your doctor before  doing a fast if on medications, heart problems, diabetes and other health problems to make sure you can do a fast.  It is good  to start out with a one meal fast.  Substituting a meal for a protein drink, smoothie, juice or water.  Then gradually doing another  meal substitution.  Then doing another meal substitution.  This can be done over days, weeks, months or years.  Any fasting  is better then no fasting.  I did my first fast at age 23 while at Logan.  I have done a one day fast with juice all the way to a  seven day fast with water.Before I did a game chi apk downloadseven day water fast I had worked my up to it by cleansing, eating vegetarian, juice t matter as long as you give your body a  break and start removing interference to it.

Ask for the Fasting/Cleansing/Prayer worksheets available at our office to plan your own Fasting/Cleansing/Prayer time.
This is a great way to start:

Elimination Diet   Take a few days to eliminate some foods or habits from your diet. When many self-indulgent habits exist,
longer preparations may be indicated. Eliminating alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and sugar if possible is very helpful, although
some people choose to wait until their actual fast days to clear these. Red meats and other animal foods, including milk
products and eggs, could be avoided for a day or two before fasting. Intake of most nutritional supplements can also be
curtailed the day before fasting; these are usually not recommended during a fast. Many people do well by preparing for
their fasts with three or four days of consuming only fruit and vegetable foods. These nourish and slowly detoxify the
body so that the actual fasting will be less intense.  Then move on to:

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