Chiropractic Assistant: Grady Messer

Grady Messer SynergyI was introduced to chiropractic about three years ago. I had injured my shoulder, due to wrestling in high school, to the point where I thought my thirteen year career might come to an end. After visiting doctors and physical therapists with no results, I decided I would try going to the chiropractor (as big of a scam as I thought it sounded) desperate for results. Dr. Schuler kindly took time to explain in depth how chiropractic actually worked, before performing any adjustments or exams, which was comforting. He then examined and adjusted me. I had never been adjusted before so I was already nervous, but when he actually did it, I actually felt better. The process was a little scary the first time or two but I had immediate results. Within a couple months I was back out on the mat practicing at 100%.

I was so interested in my results and the concepts that Dr. Schuler had explained to me, that I had to get involved. Luckily one of my high school classes included a four month internship in which, Dr. Schuler allowed me to work with and shadow him. The amount I learned was incredible. I could not believe the real healing power of chiropractic. When I graduated high school I was off to college to complete prerequisites for chiropractic school. Unfortunately I was in a nearly fatal car accident and was physically and financially forced Laserto drop out of college. Once I could walk again, I started working at the local home improvement store. One day I saw Dr. Schuler in the store and assisted him in his shopping. As he was leaving he mentioned he wanted to open a new practice and offered me a job. I was more than eager. What better way to educate myself in the chiropractic field than to be a part of it, at least until I can go back to school. Since then, it has been my goal to help people perform to their maximum potential.

Story of Grady Messer Chiropractic Assistant