POKEMON GO – Play Pokemon Go In Landscape Mode On IOS

Some group of companions got together to stroll around and gather pokémon along with Lucky Patcher iOS Download, however one of my companions chosen to bring a bicycle. What a cool thought, I thought. In any case, when I attempted to ride around and play in the meantime, it sucked. I needed to hold my telephone with one hand while I directed the bicycle, my Pokémon go-sack began to hurt my back (and I got sweat-soaked), and the battery pack I was utilizing to charge my telephone was always debilitating to drop out of my pocket. Still, I was resolved to make it work. A couple of days and a couple of Amazon arranges later, the PokéBike was conceived.

If you touch that you need to play Pokemon Go in vertical mode on your iPhone, this scene mode workaround is super simple to do.

Play Pokemon Go In Landscape Mode On IOS

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The important individual to get the application running in scene mode was a Redditor that did it on mischance. From that point forward people have been attempting to reproduce the glitch, and it appears as though there’s presently an ensured strategy. Different sources have tried it out, including Redmond Pie and Tech Insider, and beyond any doubt enough, it worked for me as well. Here are the means by which to do it:

  • Open the Pokemon Go application, then hold your telephone sideways.
  • Tap the PokeBall symbol to open the menu, then tap the Settings symbol in the upper-left corner.
  • Look until you see “Report High-Priority Issue” and tap it. At that point tap “Yes.” This will remove you from the application and open Safari.
  • Hit the Home button, then tap the Pokemon Go symbol to open the application once more.

That is it! You ought to be in scene mode now. There’s likewise been the discussion of an approach to do it on Android gadgets, yet nothing that appears to be concrete yet. Furthermore, remember, this isn’t a good element, even more, a bug so it might bring about gameplay issues, particularly when you’re attempting to get Pokemon. It looks cool, however, and may be pleasant for when you’re only riding to adjacent PokeStops to gather things