Posture Pump 2000- Low Back Elliptical Rocker

The Posture Pump 2000 for the lower back- The Posture pump Elliptical Rocker for the Lumbar spine (model 2000) carefully lifts and separates the back joints in a new way. The Posture Pump 2000’s Unique expanding air cells angled into the spine activate the “bellows or sponge-like” function of the discs, producing a warm, relaxed feeling through the back. Posture Pump Elliptical Rockers’patented up and down motion reinforces the spine’s natural shape and promotes joint lubrication, joint nutrition, flexibility and correct posture.

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Relieves back stiffness and discomfort

  • Promotes joint lubrication & joint nutrition
  • Reinforces the lumbar spine’s (low back) natural shape
  • Enhances circulation through the bones and discs
  • Avoid onset of degenerative disc disease and degenerative joint disease