Posture Pump POS1100S Cervical Disc Hydrator, Standard Version


Neck pain, Back pain, Muscle tension


The Cervical Traction Posture Pump is designed to assist you in maintaining the mobility of your cervical vertebral joints, and to help you in maintaining the normal “c” curve of your cervical spine (Cervical lordosis). Read all instructions carefully when you receive your Cervical Traction Posture Pump. This procedure should never be more than uncomfortable… Be sure you are centered over the middle of the pad, and your neck is aligned straight over the fulcrum (pad). Place the chin strap and forehead strap in place. Pump the bladder up to tolerance. Pause for 5-10 seconds, and then release the pressure. Repeat as directed by the doctor. Do not exceed 25 repetitions.

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  • Relieves Painful Neck and Upper Back Stiffness, Headaches and Fatigue
  • Reduces and Corrects Forward Head, Neck and Upper Back (Hump) Posture
  • Shapes & Restores the Proper Neck Curve, Decreases Disc Bulging, Decompresses & Hydrates Compressed