Get Back to Life

Dr. Schuler became a Chiropractor after being hit by a city bus, TARC, while riding a bike.   He was unable to move from his injures to his back, hips and legs and was in severe pain.    He tried MDs, PT, taking prescription drugs & while waiting to get surgery he finally tried chiropractic.    Learn More:


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Dr. Schuler’s combination of chiropractic techniques learned over the past 22 years gets great results alone along with his Back to Life patient education system.   But, Back to Life Chiropractic offers a full assortment of services to make the Life Style Changes to true wellness.   Learn more:

Dr. Schuler is Provider in Most Insurance plans like Anthem, Humana, Medicare, Passport, WellCare, Coventry, ASH, and more.   We will verify your insurance coverage and explain what is covered.   Back to Life accepts Auto and Work Comp Insurance, also.    We have affordable care but if needed payment plans are available if finances are an issue.


Back to Life Chiropractic with Provider Dr. Mark R Schuler is located in Buckner, KY in Louisville’s Oldham County.   Back to Life also offers nutritional tests and supplements, exercise therapy and supplies, educational workshops, and massage therapy.  Dr. Schuler is provider in most insurance companies.