Connecting to Wellness Video Workshops for Churches

Connecting to Wellness Video Workshops for churches

One of our goals at Back To Life Chiropractic is to get people involved in helping others.   We have chosen several ways for people to get involved.

1.  One is to raise money toward a Team Mission Trip through G.O. Ministries.  We try to continuously take donations toward a group mission trip which we call our Team Mission.  This way we can help people raise money toward their Team Mission trip.  Our goal is to get people in great shape so they can go on a Team Mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  Learn more at the following link:    Team Mission and Donations

All Videos and Workshops are Password Protected.  Remember all workshop donations fund our “Team Mission“.  Once given your password click on the workshop and enter password.

Churches and Businesses using our Video Workshops please click on your name and enter password.   Learn more about our community programs:  “The Get Healthy Game” and “Weigh in for the Great Commission”  tab.

New Patient Orientation

Learn about:  Sickness Care vs. Wellness Prevention Care.  Health Care Attitudes.  Economics of Illness and how to save money.  Pain and the Nervous System.  Subluxation— What is it?  Interference to Health.  Stress-the three dimensions.  Modern technology  of chiropractic and the Exam & Techniques Available.  X-Ray Analysis and Degeneration Stages-what it means.  Coming up with your Health Score.  Services offered at Back to Life Chiropractic.  Key to your success in regaining your health.  Health Care Continuum.

Health Score Workshop

Learn How:  Your Health Attitude affects Your Health Choices which affect Your Health which affects Everyone Else & how it is costing you money.  7 Wellness Attributes and how to score them through simple tests.  How  to come up with your own personal “Health Score”  RECEIVE FREE:  “Wellness package of individual score sheets” and a “Wellness Score Sheet”.  America will spend $2.6 trillion this year on health care and according to the Congressional Budget Office, that equates to $8300 per person or 18% of the GDP.   The biggest problem with the U.S. health-care  system is that it has long been designed to respond to illness rather than prevent it.

Cheat Sheet and Checklist to Health Workshop

Learn How:  To Make Better Health Choices by Changing Your Health Attitude.  To Improve the 7 Wellness Areas of your life & how to move toward a Wellness/Preventive lifestyle.  Save Money!!!  To use a Wellness Cheat Sheet to manage your Health Care Choices.  RECEIVE FREE:   “Wellness Cheat Sheet”, “Time and Price Sheet”  and “Companion Form Sheet”.  Over 32 Years of Experience,  Over 130,000 patient visits, hundreds of class hours, hundreds of health seminars, hundreds of hours studying research on wellness care,  tested methods to improve your health without drugs and surgery.   All in one Cheat Sheet.

Eat Well Workshop

Eat Well:  Your car needs the proper ratios of fluids and gas to run and so does your body.   Learn how to eat the proper meal ratios of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that make you healthy, burn fat, reduce metabolic disease and stress.  Handouts will be provided including information on the glycemic index, normalizing pH, and reducing inflammation.

Move Well Workshop

How to exercise properly through strength training, stretching, and cardiovascular exercise.   Proper movement of nervous system, joints and muscles.  Research showing benefits of moving well.  Workbook included.

 Think Well Workshop

How to reduce the stress cycle and reduce negativity.  How to connect to God based on positive biblical principles.  Research showing health benefits of thinking well.  Workbook included.

Video Workshop Codes

If you watch any workshop video please donate to our next “Team Mission”. It is only $5 dollars and goes for a great cause. Learn more about “Team Mission” and how you can get involved.


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