Back to Life System

Back to Life Chiropractic is dedicated to improving the health of individuals and groups seeking to live a Wellness/Preventive lifestyle.

This section of the website is a wonderful resource for those individuals or groups (church, small business, family, friends and etc.) who might not have the time, finances, resources to have an individual wellness health program, coach, trainer, or facility.


There is no magic bullet that makes you healthy.

There are about 45 magic bullets hitting their target week after week after week after week after week after week after week……..that make you healthy.

There are certain targets you need to hit continuously to be healthy.  There are all kinds of  ways to shoot the bullets but they must hit their target again and again.

This website allows you to by using the Back to Life Chiropractic Wellness Checklist/Cheat Sheet to aim for a target.   The wellness categories are the bullets and ways to shoot at the target.   The wellness score sheets  are used to see if you are hitting the targets with wellness results.   The website and support group are the encouragement that you need to shot the bullets again and again. 

I hope that this website is an encouraging tool to help you improve your health to hit your target of Wellness and Prevention.

Please proceed to the Get Started section to start Charging Toward Health.    Browse through the Wellness Categories to start improving those areas.

Back to Life Chiropractic located in Louisville Ky.   Improving life styles with the Back to Life System.