Back to Life System Score Sheets

The Individual Back to Life System Score Sheets were developed to easily come up with a Health Score.   Follow the instructions on each sheet to get your health score.  If a form or website link is needed please print out from the Back to Life System Category for that test.  Not every test is needed to get your overall health score.  Try to get at least one test in each area.  The Back to Life System Master Score Sheet has each individual test to track your overall health score.  The ones highlighted in GRAY should be the easiest to get done so start with them.   It is not necessary to get each area but to start getting an idea of your health and which areas to improve.

Back to Life System Master Score Sheet:  BEST PRINTED OUT ON 8 by 14 PAPER (LEGAL SIZE)   Back To Life Chiropractic Master Score Sheet

Back to Life System Individual Score Sheets:  8 by 11  

Back to Life Chiropractic, PLLC Individual Score Sheets    

Companion Forms to help fill Out Back to Life System Score Sheets

Nutritec Symptom Survey

Balance Body Chem Page 1        Balance Body Chem Page 2

Rehab Exercise Sheet one page bands with squats and lunges    

Rehab Exercise Sheet Barbell with squats and lunges

Nutritec Form for SD PD

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