Circuit Training

The Back to Life Chiropractic “Crash” Fitness Center was designed to allow a group of rhinos to get together to workout in an efficient and up beat atmosphere  so they can get on to charging other goals in life.

Circuit trainings vary in price and style depending on circuit trainer in charge.

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Current classes:

  • Full Body/Front and Back/Minimum resistance Circuit Training Class (FB Class):   Warm up, Whole Body Circuit, Cool Down:  7 stations/2 regions/rest/2 circuits   –   Meeting Tue and Thursday 8:30-9:15    /    Circuit Trainer:  Dr. Schuler      /    Cost:   $7 at time of class (limited class size) or use Rhino Card $50 for 10 trainings (can be used over several months)

Call (502) 241-1122 for more details.

A group of Rhinos are called a Crash.  A rhino has 2 inch thick skin, rhino audacity, charges with purpose, and hangs in a group called a Crash!    Is it time to charge like a rhino.  No excuses, no more gimmicks, mo chih chu:  move straight ahead without hesitation.  Charge!!!

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Online Forms for Circuit Training

Crash Fitness Center located at Back to Life Chiropractic in Buckner, KY.