Feet Problems can cause More Problems!

If your feet lose any of their arches it leads to anterior rotation of your knee and hip leading to knee, hip, and back problems.  The best way to find out if you have lost your arches is to get your feet scanned.
We are offering free foot scans in the month of April and $50 off all foot orthotics.  Go to our website or download our app on you mobile device app store to find out more about foot orthotics by watching an education video on Foot Leveler Orthotics.
Q: When should you get scanned for foot orthotics?
A. Here’s a checklist to see if you should be scanned for orthotics.
Ask yourself  these questions:
· Do I have acute symptoms of conditions such as shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fascitis, stress fractures or patello-femoral disorders
· Do I have  local symptoms such as corns, calluses, bunions or metatarsalgia
· Do I have  a job that involves standing four or more hours per day
· Do I have  a leg length inequality— functional or anatomical
· Do I play some type of physical sport (baseball, basketball, tennis, etc.) on a regular basis
· Am I over 40
· Are you under 7 with unilateral foot problems
· Do I complain of ankle pain, knee (especially medial) pain, hip pain, back/neck pain on a regular basis
· Have I previously underwent knee surgery
· Do I not hold adjustments satisfactorily   If you have answered yes to one or more of the questions from this checklist, you are someone that would benefit from Foot Levelers and should be scanned in our office.
Go to www.backtolifechiropracticky.com to find out more information or download from your mobile device app store.