Get Back to Life after an Auto Accident Injury

One of the most devastating things about being in an auto accident is the shearing effect upon your spinal structures.    The force of your car or truck being changed suddenly by an accident with your head in space and impact of the seat upon the curvatures of your spine cause acute spinal subluxations, tissue damage and neurological dysfunction.    The body being pushed suddenly by the force of impact with the head in space causes the damaging shearing upon your spinal structures and tissues.   Often the less damage your car or truck absorbs, no visible damage, means more forces to your body occur.   In either case if your body was suddenly jolted forward by your vehicle and your head and spine are sheared due to the force then injures occur.   If pre-existing factors such as prior injuries, arthritis, loss of curvature, improper head rest position, turned head at impact and many others are present at the time of the accident than you are more likely to be injured than someone else.   So, many factors are involved in auto accidents that a proper history and evaluation is needed to determine the extent of your injuries.

Luckily Dr. Schuler at Back to Life Chiropractic has advanced training in auto accident injuries:   he has taken continuing education on Impairment Rating for Disability, Chiropractic and Pain Control,  Nutrition and Pain control, Spinal Biomechanics and Specific Segmental Adjusting with Individual Treatment,  Risk Management,  Sports Injury, Whiplash which with an Advanced course study in the diagnosis and clinical management of cervical acceleration/deceleration trauma and whiplash related temporomandibular joint disorders by Spine Research Institute of San Diego, radiographic imaging and more.   Learn more about his experience:  Dr. Schuler’s experience.    He has 20 years of clinical experience besides knowing the effects of severe trauma by being hit by a Tarc bus while on a bike, as well as, other accidents.    Check out the services Back to Life Chiropractic offers to be evaluated and treated for auto accidents:   Services.   If your injuries are more severe than a referral will be made to get you to the right place.

Not taking action after being in an auto accident to be evaluated can cause chronic problems down the road if left untreated.    Call today:  (502) 241-1122


Call Back to Life Chiropractic in Oldham County, Crestwood and Louisville, KY for Auto Accident Injuries.   Don’t let untreated problems become chronic problems.