Get Fit Program Testimonial

I started working with Dr. Schuler as a last ditch effort for some serious back issues. I was told by my MD that I had bulging and herniated disks that will require surgery. Painkillers didn’t work and PT wasn’t an option. Because of the risk of surgery I was willing to try anything for some type of relief and avoid surgery. I didn’t have much faith in Chiropractic medicine. Honestly my first couple of appointments I thought I was wasting my money. I mentioned this to Dr Schuler and he explained a timeline and a game plan that would, over time relieve my symptoms and allow my injuries to heal naturally.

Over several months my pain started to subside with the occasional flare up. During these couple of months Dr. Schuler was very honest and always made time for me even after hours. I am on the road a lot for work so it was hard to make office hours.  No matter what time it was he always had time to help me.

During a visit he mentioned that my weight was also causing me to have back problems and slowing my recovery. I laughed at him. I explained that over the years I have tried to lose weight but would always get sidelined because of an injury (Normally back related). He offered to help me with a weight loss program that I could handle while I was recovering from my back issues. I agreed to the program since everything he predicted with my back was coming true.

I started my weight loss journey at 300 pounds. I was also on high blood pressure medication and was just advised to start cholesterol lowering medications. Dr. Schuler gave me a nutritional/diet plan. The diet plan isn’t bad at all. Yes I missed the stopping by the local fast food joint for a burger or pizza. After the 2nd week I was allowed to enjoy a cheat meal. So I no longer missed the fast food. Because I could still have it as long as I followed the diet plan the rest of the time.

Dr. Schuler set up a workout routine that I could handle and that would not agitate my current back issues. He even let me use a piece of equipment from his home so it wouldn’t cause additional back problems. The best part was that every work out he was right next to me doing the same thing I was doing. If anything caused me issues with my back he quickly took care of it and reworked the routine.

The best part was halfway through the program I visited MD for my follow up on my blood pressure meds and to get more bloodwork. I got a call directly from my MD asking what I was doing. My cholesterol had dropped drastically. He told me keep it up. By the way I had asked him for help on a diet plan or way to lose weight. He didn’t have much to offer me for advice. About 2weeks later I started getting light headed and really tired. I checked my blood pressure only to find out I was really low. I called my MD and during my appointment I was advised my dose was too high. He told me that if I keep up the hard work on my weight loss he would have to wean me off the meds. The very next week on the lower dose the same thing happened. NO MORE BLOODPRESSURE MEDICINE FOR ME.  They ran more blood work and found out that all of my levels are perfect.  NO CHORESTEROL MEDICINE NEEDED.


I am now in the 250’s and dropping weight weekly. I am feeling great and my back problems have improved so much and each day it’s improving. I have learned so much working with Dr Schuler. If I can lose weight and get off all of my meds while dealing with my back injury YOU CAN TO. I started this journey thinking that Dr Schuler was crazy telling me I could do this. I drove him nuts and wasn’t the easiest to work with. He never gave up on me and always addressed my concerns. If you read this and think it’s not true, Ask Dr. Schuler for my phone#. I will be glad to talk with you or even meet with you. He has given me my life back!  Connecting to Wellness Coaching IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!


Thanks for all of the help Doc!



Michael Parsons