Massage therapist Debbie Joplin now located at Back to Life Chiropractic in Buckner KY

Debbie Joplin Licensed Massage Therapist
Debbie Joplin Licensed Massage Therapist

Debbie Joplin helps those suffering from muscle imbalances due to work/repetitive motion stresses; accidents such as whiplash and those resulting from trips/falls and sports related activities. Health conditions such as Fibromyalgia; arthritis; headaches/migraines; general muscle aches/pains/spasms and many other problems respond well to massage therapy.

Specializing in Relief of Pain Associated with: Chronic Pain disorders Headaches of all types Automobile accidents Personal Injury On the job injuries Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Lower Back Conditions Thoracic Outlet Syndrome TMJ Dysfunction Fibromyalgia Athletic Injuries and more.

She is also nationally certified to work with Special Needs people and has a client base that includes those with such health care issues as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsey, Post-Polio, Quadraplegia, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and post-surgery problems. She is also trained to do Lymphatic Drainage and uses these techniques to aid those where lighter techniques can benefit the flow of the lymph system, decreasing swelling and lowers pain, discoloration and other side effects of swelling. In particular, problems with diabetes such as edema of the limbs, respond well to lymphatic techniques, as do many other illnesses. Debbie is also trained in cranio-sacral techniques and is a level II Reiki practitioner.

Give her a call at 502.550.7743 – 4201 West Highway 146 – Buckner, KY

She will be glad to setup an appointment or answer any questions you may have.