Necessity not Luxury

In my constant search for wellness-related subjects, it occurred to me that I’ve neglected all the massage therapists out there.  The biggest misconception regarding massage is that it’s a luxury that only the wealthy indulge in while they’re vacationing in Monaco.  The other stumbling block with massage is the thought that you’re required to take your clothes off. Neither of these is true.  Many people get massage through their clothing even though it’s not as comfortable.  And for the rest, they usually choose to undress to their undergarments, but remain fully covered by sheets.  The therapist only reveals the part of the body they are working on and the experience should always be comfortable and discreet.

While massage therapy is great for stress relief and tight muscles, it offers much more than this.  In our Connecting to Wellness program, massage is very helpful with the sore muscles from the rigorous exercise.  Most our clients see massage as their reward at the end of the week for all their hard work.  Just like exercise, massage helps improve circulation and move the blood through and out of the tissues.  Studies have shown that the therapy can reduce blood pressure at least temporarily.  By releasing endorphins and serotonin, massage is proven to help with depression and anxiety.  By reducing this stress and calming what is called the sympathetic nervous system, massage can even help with digestion.  I believe one of the biggest benefits of massage is that it helps move the lymphatic fluid of the immune system.  This will aid in boosting the immune system to help fight off and prevent infection. As is true with diet, exercise, chiropractic and everything else, massage therapy works best when you make it part of your regular lifestyle as a habit to promote greater wellness.

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