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10524967_805896946095801_828697279_nDr. Mark R. Schuler’s personal story of how he became a chiropractor and how chiropractic could help you.

I didn’t start out wanting to be a chiropractor.   My mom’s brother is a chiropractor and would adjust us when we were young during holidays and family gatherings.  I never had an experience after one of those adjustments that made me go wow I want to be a chiropractor.  I grew up taking prescriptions for any problems I had and it seemed fine.   My stepfather is a dentist and my mother a hygienist so taking prescriptions isn’t a big issue when dealing with a tooth crisis such as pain or infection.  I remember being sick a lot but that seemed normal compared to my friends so no big deal.  When I went to Hanover College I had no aspirations to being a chiropractor or living a wellness lifestyle.  I was athletic and played several sports growing up but soccer was my favorite sport playing at Atherton High School on a team that went to State Tournament every year.   I would take sinus medication for sinus troubles, stomach medication for stomach problems, pain medication for aches and injuries, antibiotics for colds and other medications for crisis management when needed.  It seemed normal and everybody else around me did the same or more even took more medications. 

            Everything changed when my roommate and I decided with a few days left from our freshmen year at Hanover College to take his convertible to Louisville to drop off my bike and stereo cabinet at my house.  His convertible stalled on Eastern Parkway and wouldn’t start back up.   So, I decided to get some help (before cell phones) and started off on my bike down Baxter when I was hit by a TARC bus.   The bus clipped my side and since the bus was going so much faster it pulled me forward causing me to turn my wheel.    Since, my feet were strapped in the momentum of the bus jerking me forward and flipping me onto the road ripped everything from my knees up into my hips and lower back.  I couldn’t walk from the pain and tissue damage in my legs, hips and lower back so I laid in bed for a couple of months taking pain medication and blood thinners.   I did some therapy and exercises that were prescribed to me but still couldn’t get out of bed or move without severe pain.   My MD wanted me to have surgery but my mom thought I should go see her brother first, chiropractor, before getting surgery.   I followed my mom’s advice and she drove me to see my uncle.   He examined me and told me how my spine was out of alignment keeping me from getting well.   He adjusted my pelvic and back misalignments.   I immediately felt a tons better after a couple of adjustments.   I thought it was amazing how I could get well without medications and surgery so I started asking him a lot of questions.   He had me shadow him at his office for a week before I went back to Hanover for my sophomore year.   I liked it so much that I decided to be a chiropractor.


I received my doctorate in chiropractic in 1994, at the age of 24, and started in private practice at age 25 in the Highlands.   Now I am 46 with two kids.   I couldn’t imagine not Schuler Family 2014 Marylandliving a life with chiropractic care and living a wellness lifestyle.  My wife, Shelley, who I meet at Walnut Street Baptist church when I was 15 went to Oldham County highschool.  She is a Dermatology PAC and, also, loves chiropractic and living a wellness lifestyle.   Both our kids, Jenna and Evan, were adjusted immediately after they were born and still receive chiropractic care and live a wellness lifestyle.  Find out more about Dr. Schuler’s experience and education.


The reason I am mentioning all this is that often chiropractic isn’t the first choice of many people living in pain or in a crisis lifestyle full of reoccurring medication and surgeries.   Many people don’t know anything about chiropractic or living a wellness lifestyle.   Many MDs still don’t know much about chiropractic and living a wellness lifestyle.  Many people do not know that there are more than one type of chiropractic technique taught at chiropractic schools.  There is Diversified, Activator, Logan, Palmer, Gonstead, Thompson, Cox, SOT, and many others.  When I first got in practice I was having trouble with a MD that a lot of my patients went to that was telling them not to get chiropractic care.   It was affecting my practice so I finally called him up and he talked to me.  I asked him what he didn’t like about chiropractic.  He said he didn’t like petite women or older patients getting their necks rotated around and manipulated.   I asked him what type of chiropractic technigue he didn’t like.    He didn’t know there were different chiropractic techniques.  He didn’t know that certain techniques work better for different problems.   I went over some of the different techniques I used that allowed me to not rotate the neck and I never had any problems with him trying to stop my patients from getting adjusted.   He thought he knew what chiropractic was but really didn’t.  He could understand that just like there is more than one type of surgery for back problems there is more than one chiropractic adjustment for back and health problems.  I’ll talk to people in general about chiropractic and many think they know what chiropractic is but really don’t.    Once they are explained more about chiropractic by a chiropractor then they are okay with going to a chiropractor. 


So, that is why I started running an ad that was created by a chiropractor that helped get past the barriers of not going to a chiropractor.   You may have seen a similar ad run by me or another chiropractor.   Each ad is in the same format but telling each chiropractor’s individual story to get past the negative barriers of going to a chiropractor.     


I feel very strongly about the benefits of chiropractic.  It got me out of severe pain, it got me off pain and other medications, it allowed me to walk and function again, it started me on the way to living a wellness lifestyle and help others do the same.   Therefore, the name Back To Life Chiropractic and the ad below.  I am trying to eliminate all barriers from people that need chiropractic care.   So, take advantage of the offer below to find out if chiropractic could benefit you, your family or someone in need.


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