Mental Clarity Final Five Strategies

As promised, this blog I will share the final five strategies to maximize mental clarity and keep your brain youthful.

Strategy number 11 from the brain study is to always learn new things.  Ideas include reading books on different subjects, learning a new language or taking up a different craft or hobby.  The 12th strategy is simple, but critical.  If you hope to clear the clutter from your mind, you need to clear the clutter from your life.  Identify your highest priorities and decide what is really important in your life and what may be wasted time and energy.  Get organized and consider a course on goal setting.  Most of all, make your decisions based on your life’s purpose.  When you can filter your priorities through your purpose, making decisions becomes easy.  Thirteen on the list is to practice memory games and repetition exercises.  Number 14 may be one of the most crucial and that is proper rest.  It is recommended that we all get at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Without this, our hormones az screen recorder pro apk download and our brain will simply not function right.  Lastly on the list, it turns out an active sex life increases circulation to the brain and produces hormones that improve brain function. Oxytocin helps your ability to come up with original solutions.  Serotonin and dopamine help creative thinking and decision-making.