Mental Clarity: more strategies to maintain or increase your brain power

Mental Clarity the next 10 strategies

Last blog on mental clarity we discussed the first 5 of 15 strategies to maintain or increase your brain power and clarity.  Do you remember them?  It’s o.k. if you don’t as I’m going to give you five more from last year’s published list.  Number 6 and 7 I regret to admit are “watching quality T.V.” and “surfing the internet.”  Before you get too excited, both of these are qualified by choosing programming that would force you to learn something new or quiz you about something you already know – you know educational T.V.  While I’m not crazy about these, the next three recommendations on the list redeem the study.  The number 8 strategy is to eat brain food rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.  You need vitamins A and C to protect brain cells;  vitamin E to reverse brain deterioration; amino acids, vitamin B, and magnesium to grow nerves; and Zinc to detoxify impurities from the brain.  All of these can be found in vegetables and lean/healthy meats, in particular organic meats.
The 9th recommendation is to load up on fish oil for omega 3.  Omega 3 promotes dopamine levels (to prevent Parkinson’s and depression) as well as nerve growth of the frontal cortex and circulation in the brain.  The 10th recommendation is to “eat weeds” in the form of brain-boosting herbs.  The two most important of these are Gingko Biloba and Ginseng which help download winrar 32 bit promote adrenal gland function to adapt better to stress.  I hope this helps – check in later for the final five strategies!