Team Mission and Donations

Back to Life Chiropractic Page on Team Mission and how to get involved.

One of our goals at Back To Life Chiropractic is to get people involved in helping others.   We have chosen several ways for people to get involved.

1.  Every time you buy supplements (vitamins)  through our office we donate $1 to the G.O. Ministries Santiago Medical Center who buys Children Vitamins for kids who can’t get the proper nutrition (because of poverty and food choices available to them).

2.  One is to raise money toward a Team Mission Trip through G.O. Ministries.  We try to continuously take donations toward a group mission trip which we call our Team Mission.  This way we can help people raise money toward their Team Mission trip.  Our goal is to get people in great shape so they can go on a Team Mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

To make a small donation of $5 toward “Team Mission” please use the following button:

If you would like to make a more substantial donation please contact us so you can get a tax deduction through G.O. Ministries closer toward the actual Team Mission Trip.

Another way to get involved in helping others is by going on a Team Mission.  Raise money and go on the next Team Mission Trip.

Learn more about going on the next Team Mission:

Please contact us if you are interested on going on the next Team Mission:

4.   Another way to help others is to donate money to G.O. Ministries Partnership Program. We have chosen John Martinez as our G.O. Ministries partner. I meet John on a mission trip to DR. He was having some health issues so I adjusted him several times a day for the week I was there and his problem resolved. He is sponsored with some local churches in Louisville so he will come in and gets adjusted periodically. He is a great person and just got married.

John Martinez

Make donations using the partner Authorization Form.


Learn more about GO Ministries.

5.  Join our Team Mission text group to keep up to date on local opportunities to help serve others.   Text your name and phone number to be added to the list using the contact form below: