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Interested in Joining a Back to Life Chiropractic Team Mission?  Here is some highlights from PDF from GO Ministries website:   2016-Team-Member-Guide

We are planning on a team mission this Summer.   Contact us if interested.

What to Expect

What a Trip Looks Like Your Team Coordinator will be in frequent contact with you helping prepare you for your trip before you go. Most GO Ministries mission trips last for 8 days, from Tuesday to Tuesday. You will spend the first day traveling to Santiago, the second largest city in the Dominican Republic or to Santo Domingo for teams working in Batey 9. GO Staff in the D.R. Our American missionaries will meet you at the airport after you go through customs and will serve as your leaders and guides for the remainder of the week. Travel Your team will travel around the city via the GO Ministries 30-passenger bus or one of our 15-passenger vans. Accommodations We have three levels of trips for your team to participate in. • Level 1: Most first-time teams choose to participate in a Level 1 trip. The team will stay in the city of Santiago, more specifically in the barrio of Hoya del Caimito. This is the headquarters of GO Ministries in the D.R.. Eduard Gabriel is the President of GO Ministries, Inc. in the Dominican Republic. The team will sleep in one of four dormitories located in the community. • Level 2: We are excited to offer a new dormitory in Hato del Yaque, a poor community outside of Santiago. Teams will have the opportunity to bless the people of the community during their stay. • Level 3: For a more adventurous or seasoned team, we offer trips to the Bateys, sugarcane cutting communities in the southwestern part of the Dominican. We have a men’s and women’s dormitory there with indoor plumbing. There is immense poverty in the region. Food Three hot meals will be provided each day to team members. A few fabulous women in the church prepare the meals complete with fresh Dominican fruit. The meals are buffet style and you can expect an array of delicious chicken, rice, beans, bread, and fruits. All food is prepared with purified water and bottled water will be available in the dormitory, at the work site, and at all meals. Small corner stores sell bottled soft drinks and snacks as well. Work After a brief tour of the Ministry Hub, your team will begin your work project that you arrange with GO Ministries depending on the talents and desires of your team. Translators Translators will be available for your team. Phone Calls The emergency phone numbers are 1-809-961-8100 or 1-829-404-6724. Emergencies only please! Phone cards do not work in the D.R., so you may want to create a phone tree and designate one person on the team to call and let everyone know you all have arrived safely. If friends or family would like to send mail, please encourage them to send it along in your bag or give it to another team member to take along. Please do not bring laptops or Ipads with you as they are distracting during the trip. Team Tracker Upon your arrival to the Dominican Republic, we will snap a photo of your team and post it onto the GO website to notify friends and family that your team has arrived safely. Please allow up to 24 hours for this to be uploaded to the web site.

Medical Treatment If there is a need for medical treatment while we are abroad, we will see to it that you get the best care available. Being in the second largest city of nearly a million people is ideal because there are several medical facilities nearby. You will be responsible for all medical costs, but usually they are very small in comparison to the USA. Money We encourage team members to bring extra spending money for souvenirs, phone calls, or snacks from the convenient store. You will have the opportunity to purchase several souvenirs at the beach such as clothing, Dominican jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and pottery or enjoy going snorkeling ($5-10). Please bring cash only, no traveler’s checks or credit cards. Church Services Your team will have the opportunity to experience the Dominican or Haitian culture through several church services. If someone from your team would like to teach or if you have worship music prepared, please let us know in advance. Softball The favorite sports in the Dominican are baseball and softball. If your team would like the opportunity to play a game against some of the church members and construction crew on Sunday afternoon, please let your Team Coordinator know before your trip. Also, please tell your team to bring gloves. Beach Day/ Optional Overnight Trip Before you leave, you will have the opportunity to spend one night and a day on the beautiful coastline of the Dominican where you can shop at the little shops on the beach, swim, snorkel, or simply relax and reflect on your week. If you choose to overnight at the beach there is an additional $50 fee per person and you will be staying at an all-inclusive beach resort. All meals are included and a trip to the public beach. Cultural Pointers While the Dominican and Haiti are not far in proximity from the United States, there are some different things that your team will need to pay close attention to either to respect their culture or to provide the best experience possible for your team in the situations you will be in: • Do not flush toilet paper, it goes in the trash can next to the toilet. • Do not spend too much time talking to one person of the opposite sex. • Do not drink anything out of a faucet or that you are unsure of its purity. • Do not give money to Local Leaders or kids. • Please refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol as both are offensive to the Dominican Christian culture. • Do not whine, it’s unbecoming as a Christian and it normally doesn’t help the situation. • Do not be macho and try to work yourself to death, it is hot so drink a lot of water, rest in the shade, and use plenty of sunscreen. • Refrain from using sarcasm. It doesn’t translate well into Dominican or Haitian Culture and is perceived as offensive and rude.

What You Will Need

• Passport • Electronic Tickets • Bible / Notebook for Journal / Pen • Toiletries • Sunscreen • Insect Repellent • Work Clothes / work shoes • (Old T-shirts, shorts or pants…please do not wear sandals to work in) (Men, please plan to work with your shirts on…Ladies, please no short shorts, or tank tops) • Work gloves • 2 sheets (twin, fitted/flat) • Flashlight • Scrubs (medical teams) • Battery operated alarm clock • Water bottle • **Batey and Hato del Yaque Teams: Mosquito net, scissors & yarn or string to hang from the bunk beds • Church Clothes • Men: Slacks, shirt with collar • Ladies: Conservative dress or skirt & nice shirt • Towels/washcloths • Pillow (or you can use a towel) • Camera (extra camera batteries) • Bathing Suit (one-piece suits please) • Baseball glove (opt.) • Spending Money ($50-$100)(Please bring cash, NO traveler’s checks or credit cards) • A flexible attitude • Flip-flops for the shower • Extra batteries • Sunglasses • Baby powder • Appropriate snacks if you have food allergies or a special needs diet What You Will Need The following list contains things that many teams wish they had thought to bring: • A photo of self/family to show new friends that they meet • Gift for the host family (dish towels, toiletries, picture frames, Spanish books, etc.) • Imodium (or other diarrhea medicine) & laxative medicine • Dramamine (Recommended if you get motion sickness, for the plane and also for the curvy ride across the mountains from Santiago to Puerto Plata) • Clothes to give away (nice shorts, shirts, hats, dresses, shoes, makeup…) • Contact solution • Feminine products • Aloe Vera Save space in your luggage by leaving the following at home: • Expensive jewelry • laptops • A bunch of junk food • Clothes that are inappropriate (short shorts, short dresses, strapless tank tops or dresses, spaghetti strap tank tops, low cut shirts, bikinis).

Mission Trip Costs

GO Ministries works diligently to offer team members an incredible, affordable and sustainable cross cultural experience to empower our national partners to make a difference across the island. Below reflects the costs for your trip and ongoing ministry. Please have team members ask their donors to write and send checks to your church or non-profit organization. Then have your church or organization make and send ONE CHECK to GO Ministries for your trip costs and one check to the travel agent for your airfare. Cost Per Person $950 + airfare (averages between $550-$900). Cost Breakdown Hosting $300 Food & Lodging $100 Transportation in the DR/Haiti $100 Leadership $100 Field Services $50 Day trip to the Beach (optional overnight to the beach is an additional $50. See following page for details.) Field Ministry $100 Mercy Ministry: From rushing a Haitian pastor injured in a motorcycle accident from Haiti to the Dominican Republic to get life saving treatment for his wounds, to helping assist a member of our construction team cover the costs of cancer treatment for his mother, your $100 allows GO Ministries to respond quickly and effectively to mercy needs as they occur throughout the island on a daily basis. $200 Ministry Advancement: When your team arrives on the island they are entering a ministry that is on the move in a variety of ways and places. Your team is serving alongside passionate local Christian leaders who are pouring their lives out for Jesus in their communities from the nutrition center in Hoya de Bartola to churches serving the exploited sugar cane cutters in the Bateys. Your $200 leaves their collective ministries better than you found them due to the crucial resources it helps generate to grow their Kingdom work in terms of being able to provide churches, nutrition centers, clinics, schools and dormitories.

• $50 Optional Overnight Trip to the Beach A day trip to the beach is included in the cost of your trip. However, some teams want to overnight at the beach. Teams staying in Santiago or Hato del Yaque (Level 1 & 2 trips) have the option of staying overnight at an all-inclusive beach resort in Sosua. Please let your Team Coordinator know if you are interested in staying overnight at the beach. • Haiti Teams: $100 Border Crossing Costs Teams traveling to Haiti will need to pay an additional cost to cover the Dominican and Haitian border crossing costs. • Batey Teams: $50 Overnight Trip to the Beach There is an additional $50 fee for teams who will be working in the Bateys (Level 3 trip) to cover the cost of the overnight stay at the all-inclusive beach resort in Santo Domingo. • $10 DR Tourist Card- cash on hand, not in overall cost Each individual must have $10 American cash to come in the country. We suggest having a $10 bill ready for each team member. • $ Other – Each team member is responsible for his/her immunization costs, fees to obtain a passport, transportation to the airport in the U.S., meals in the airport, and any emergency incidentals. On the field, team members will only need additional money for snacks and souvenirs.


Prayer Team Before you begin any type of fundraising, give it to God in prayer. We often plan, execute and then pray for the best. The plan usually fails because we forget to ask God first. Begin your preparations for your trip by raising a prayer support base of at least ten people who will pray regularly for you during your preparation and daily for you during the actual trip. These must be people whose prayer life you know and trust. They need to be mature Christians who will take your prayer covenant very seriously. They cannot be members of your team. Send your prayer team prayer requests during your preparations and before you leave. Include things like fatigue, your attitude, your reactions, flexibility, safety, and health. You will sense their prayer support on your trip and will be able to get through situations beyond your own strength because of their prayers. Support Team Another common mistake about raising funds for a mission trip is believing it is only about the money. It certainly is about money, but it is also about building a partnership with supporters. Paul says, “I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” Phil. 1:3-5 When someone agrees to support you, include them in your mission experience. Remember to send a thank you card before the trip and send a letter about your trip afterwards to follow-up. Letter Writing We have found that the best way for raising funds for a trip is through letter writing. In order to do that, we often must push aside our pride and let others in to help usremembering that they will become a part of your trip through supporting you. Make a list of family members, friends, and church members who may be interested in supporting you. Write a letter including: • What your trip entails • Explain the purpose of your trip • Give details of how God has led you to this trip • Explain why you chose to participate • Tell the reader of planned activities • Explain the need • Ask the reader for specific actions based on the need *Remember that people give to missions when they feel informed, when they believe their gift will change lives, when they feel like they are an important part of the trip and when they sense your enthusiasm about it.

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