The Back to Life System: How it Originated

Dr. Schuler started his private practice in 1994 at the age of 25.

In 2009 Dr. Schuler started a Wellness Practice with a colleague combining over 30 years of clinical experience between the both of them.

As they discussed how to implement both private practices into one they realized a common thread of Wellness Attributes seen in their patients.

These Wellness Attributes they noticed kept their patients from Crisis Care/Sickness and saved them time and money.

As they analyzed these Wellness Attributes Dr. Schuler came up with 7 general areas of wellness. Both doctors had tests and systems to analysis these regions of wellness but both found it difficult to spend enough time teaching their patients in detail how to master these areas due to the amount of patients they had to treat.   Both doctors struggled to implement a program into their practice but failed due to time restraints. They realized they needed to think outside the box and after much prayer and guidance

Dr. Schuler came up with the Back to Life System.

It takes the 7 general areas of Wellness seen in their practices and has simple tests to score Wellness, evaluate it, and continually work on them.

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