Toddler Falls and Sacral Subluxations

Toddler Falls and Sacral Subluxations


Your little ones have finally learned how to walk, but in the process they have probably spent more time on their bottom than on their feet

Due to their center of gravity, learning to walk can cause a lot of falls.

Of course, not every fall will cause a spinal injury, but as they accumulate, repetitive stress injuries may occur.

These repetitive stress injuries do not just affect the spine, but also the sacrum (or tailbone).

The sacrum is the foundation of the spine; and that foundation can be misaligned by falls and tumbles.

The Logan Premise states that that lowest freely movable vertebrae will rotate toward the low side of the sacrum.   This is what sets up spinal curvature at a very early age.

This is why it is important to have your toddler evaluated by chiropractor trained in detection of sacral subluxations and spinal curvatures.

Please have your toddler evaluated to prevent future problems of sacral subluxation and spinal curvature.

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