We wil be closed today due to the snow 01/20/2016

We wil be closed today due to the snow. Enjoy the snow but be carefull. Remember to push the snow when shoveling as much as you can. Squat to pick up and snow and do not twist when you have to pick it up (turn your whole body as a unit). Bend backwards occasionally to push the disc back (remember your disc go the opposite way you do). Cut the job in small segments or pay someone else to shovel your driveway.
I’ve seen more sleding victims over my past 21 years than I care for so be carefull sleding and make sure the area is safe & your sled is in great shape. Do not run into people thinking it is fun and be careful not to get hit by someone going down the hill.
Always ice any area that you might injure during your snow activities for 20-25 minutes and repeat every 3 or 4 hours. Then call Back to Life Chiropractic to get adjusted.
Do not drive in the snow if you do not have to and if you are in accident call Back to Life Chiropractic for an evaluation to see if you suffered any injuries.
Be safe and Have Fun!!!